How We Help with Your Student Loan Debt

Student Aid Group is a document processing company that focuses on consolidation, forgiveness, and repayment plan changes for Student Aid Group student loan borrowers. With more than 15 different student loan repayment plans with several different requirements to ensure acceptance into a newer repayment program, it can be a difficult task to be granted acceptance into these repayment programs. You can think of this process as you would a tax preparation company. You are able to complete your own taxes, just as you are able to complete your own consolidation.

However, with so many different things that come into play, it’s best to have a professional on your side.

We understand your repayment options and know that once you’ve borrowed money for college the hard part begins with repaying your debt. Our student loan counselors are knowledgeable and their in-depth training is built with one goal in mind; to give you the direction and counseling needed to determine which repayment option is in your best interest.

Our promise is to always offer the best services to our clients. We want to exceed your expectations. We want to assist you professionally and to start a new long-lasting relationship with you.